PRESS RELEASE Demand Increase in Food Labels

 Labelservice sees increase in demand for food labels following the 2013 Food Information Regulations


Labelservice has experienced a significant increase in demand for food labels from leading food manufacturers following the establishment of the 2013 Food Information Regulations.


Ascot, 22.11.2013 – Modifications to product-related government policy will almost inevitably result in a variety of changes to businesses of all sizes that interact with the products in question. Nowhere has this been better exemplified recently than in the food industry. Labelservice, a UK-based single source label printer, manufacturer and supplier, has seen a significant increase in demand for food labels following the introduction of the Food Information Regulations of 2013.


Invariably, policies such as these prove to be economically advantageous for some and detrimental to others. Because of new regulations regarding labeling of food items, a number of businesses have turned to Labelservice in an effort to ensure that they comply fully with the new guidelines. Labelservice has, in turn, ramped up production in order to match the large number of requests occurring as a result of these changes. The order of magnitude of a policy shift such as this is can be quite intimidating, particularly when the industry being modified is one of the most developed consumer-driven infrastructures on the planet.


Labelservice’s approach to product development is, at it’s core, a customer-oriented framework. Regardless of the size or inherent financial worth of their clients, Labelservice provides a free consultation for all customers, allowing them to quickly develop an accurate and honest assessment of what needs to be done and how long it will take to complete. Although the 2013 Food Information Regulations have been proven to be a large catalyst for change within the UK food industry, Labelservice has risen to the challenge.


When asked to summarize his thoughts on the recent policy changes, Labelservice’s managing director, Gary Lovell, stated, “This is just another example of the fluctuations we see in legislation for labelling, and we are always on hand to help customers understand how their labels need to change. Having been in the industry for 25 years, we know that it can be difficult for many companies to keep pace with change, so we offer a friendly and consultative service for any labelling projects.”


Lovell continued on to describe in more detail his products and their relevancy to the aforementioned policy changes, saying, “With over 300 different label types, it is important for us to understand the market as well as understand our products. We have been inundated with calls from food manufacturers needing to update their food labels, so we are the best placed label company to help if you are affected by this regulation.”


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