Perfect Your Wine Labels to Lure New Customers

 Ask any casual wine drinker what inspires them to buy the wine they drink, and you may be surprised by the answers you here. Far from a critical discussion of a varietal preferences or food and wine pairings, one of the most common responses to the question, “Why did you buy that specific bottle of wine?” is concerned with the label on the bottle instead of the actual tasting notes of the wine itself.

Wine has long been a target-rich environment for savvy label designers. Due to the relatively innocuous nature of the product, it’s almost always up to label designers to create a striking combination of images and text which ensure that potential customers will focus extra attention on the bottle in question. Although people around the world love to drink wine, very few know enough about the details of viticulture to make an “educated” in-store purchase. Instead, the vast majority of consumers rely on two elements to determine which bottle they ultimately go home with : the price of the wine, and the design on the label.

Unless your reputation precedes you as a winemaker, you simply cannot afford to ignore the label design process. Hundreds of mid-range red and white wines line the shelves of virtually every large grocery store chain and wine shop on the planet. Although store owners may have their own recommendations and preferences, a vast number of consumers are simply content to aimlessly browse the wine offerings available and choose a product that is the most visually stimulating to them. Sure, it may not be the most legitimate method of purchasing wine, but it certainly is one of the most prominent!

Wine label design is fast becoming a competitive, in-demand profession. As the popularity of wine continues to increase, so will the need for undeniably amazing visuals that capture both the essence of the wine and the unique brand of the winery in question. There’s no question in anyone’s mind that the quality of the wine will ultimately determine whether the product succeeds or fails over the long-term. That being said, eye-catching designs will ensure that new wines achieve the early recognition they need to gain traction for future efforts. 


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