Peel and Reveal Labels With Recipes For BBQs

Summer is in and there can be no better way to celebrate the warm weather than with barbecues.  While people are getting ready to enjoy the great outdoors with barbecues, businesses dealing with food products can use this as an opportunity to improve their performance.  Wondering how?  Read on. 

The Potential Of Peel And Reveal Labels

The labels of your products can carry various recipes for BBQs.  This can immediately grab people’s attention and convert them into potential customers. 

Wondering how so much information can be incorporated on labels?  The best solution for limited copy space is to use peel and reveal labels.  These labels are a brilliant way to add all the information you want without compromising on the overall product or label design. These labels eliminate the need for extra labelling or large product sizes, consequently reducing costs. 

If you are eager to get your message across in full, then why not consider peel and reveal labels from Labelservice. We are specialist suppliers of superior quality labels with fine prints.  They are water, tear and fade resistant.

Peel And Reveal Labels From Labelservice

We use the latest printing processes and fine quality materials, which help us produce quality peel and reveal labels with fast turnarounds.  The labels can also be laminated to offer increased protection.  Printing can be done on a wide range of materials including standard white and colour washed paper as well as special papers.  Bar codes can also be incorporated for security purposes as well as for tracking purposes.  We can cater to both long and short runs. 

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