Peel and Reveal Labels Benefit Everyone

 Everyone The history of peel and reveal labels is found in the medication industry. The amount of information needed for a medication is too much to allow the manufacturer to print on one side of a label. This dilemma was overcome by using peel and reveal labels. These types of labels allow for as much information that is needed to be printed, in a readable-sized font. A perfect solution for the medication manufacturers. A perfect solution for most manufacturers, really. More and more, there are regulations for what needs to be put on your label. It doesn’t matter what you’re manufacturing, the label information is regulated. With the amount of information, such as ingredients, precautions, and instructions, that need to go on a label, a peel and reveal label is a perfect solution. Especially if your product is not boxed. For a boxed product, an insert full of information can be included. For a bottled product, without a box, this can be problematic.  All of the information want to include, along with the information you are regulated to include, can be placed, out of sight, on a peel and reveal label. This is important if you want an appealing label for your product. Why spend a lot of money on a design for your logo and product, only to have it lost in a sea of words? With peel and reveal labels, the solution serves many purposes. As consumers, we are attracted to a product by its logo and other visuals. This needs to be maintained. That is why more manufacturers, in various industries, are starting to use the peel and reveal label. It’s not just the medication industry any more. This type of label allows the brand to stay true to form and be visible to the consumer. It also allows the manufacturer to include promotions, website information, and contests, for example.  While peel and reveal labels allow for more information on a label, be wary of too much information. Just because there is more room doesn’t mean a novel should be written. Instead, include different languages or make the font bigger so your text is easily readable without a magnifying glass. Embrace the peel and reveal label and your customers will thank you for it.