New Digital Label Printing Press from Epsom

 Last month saw the unveiling of Epson’s latest Digital Label Press at this year’s LabelExpo Europe in Brussels. This is the latest in their range and incorporates their latest technology, creating the highest quality digital labels to date.    

The SurePress L-6034vw is Epson’s first Single Pass Industrial Press, it uses PrecisionCore TM linehead technology which is key for optimal performance. The Press contains 6 lineheads with each one containing a further 11 modules. This allows the machine to create precise quality with the help of its fine multi-size dot control.  

It’s the first of Epson’s digital presses to use the latest LED Cured UV Inks. The SurePress is also equipped with in-line digital varnish technology which allows it to work with the inks to produce smooth gradations, vibrant colours, ultra-fine texts, images and lines. 

Epson have produce two models:

SurePress L-6034vw – CMYK which comes with digital varnish and high-opacity white ink
SurePress L-6034v – without white ink

Both machines have been developed and manufactured by Epson. Their latest press is reliable and flexible, and with all the latest technology on board to give maximum performance.

Due to its unique and state of the art design, the SurePress L6034vw is able to give precise quality onto a wide range of different substrates and is suited to short/medium label runs. It produces excellent durability on both standard film and paper level substrates between 80-340mm wide. Thanks to its use of low energy LED lamps the machine is more cost-effective and benefits from being able to print onto heat sensitive substrates. 

Another great feature is Epson’s very own Nozzle State Analysis Technology. This allows the machine to detect any nozzles that fail to fire up and should this happen it will automatically clean the nozzle to enable it to work again. This automatic monitoring system ensures that the machine continues to work efficiently by restoring any fault that could cause a delay. 

Finally, the machine also has a digital varnish feature, this cleverly allows for the application of matte, gloss or a mixture of both, to be applied during the printing process. This gives the digital labels a range of high quality finishes.