New Colour Matching System Guarantees Consistency!

Although digital labels are a fantastic product, the range of different printer engines makes and models in the market often causes inconsistency between print runs. If you source labels from more than one supplier this issue may be causing you frequent problems.  Even if if you single source it may be the case that your supplier often produces your labels on different presses, or the same press using different settings.  This can lead to colour change between runs and cause frustration to you, especially if you have the same product next to each other on shelves that all look different.

Using an industry first colour matching system, Labelservice can now offer guaranteed consistency between print runs.  The software records the precise calibration of the printing press at the time of production and critically, unlike other methods, saves this against the artwork used.  This means that when the job repeats (or if there is a different label design but with the same colours) the exact same colour settings and printing temperatures are used.  Because this information is stored against the artwork rather than the press, it means that no matter how often it is printed, or on what press, we can supply consistent

Using this new software means Labelservice can also now match an additional 23% of Pantone colours.

Please feel free to send us artwork for tests, or contact us for further information.