NHS Nightingale Hospital Labels

Labelservice Supplies NHS Nightingale Hospital with 150,000 Labels in Coronavirus Battle

Labelservice secured an order to supply thousands of custom labels to support the new NHS Nightingale Hospital during the growing Coronavirus pandemic.

The order, which was placed on 8th April 2020, was duly turned around in just 72 hours and delivered directly to the make-shift hospital at the ExCel Arena.

The order was made by the Charity NHS Critical Care, the specialist arm of the NHS responsible for the ICU supply into hospitals across the UK.

The order involved the design origination, printing and shipping of 150,000 labels, with 9 different designs. The labels will allow staff and patients to quickly identify the job type and name of any person working for the NHS within the Nightingale field hospital. There were different labels for nurses, doctors, ICU staff, matrons and many more types of personnel, with different colour designs for each personnel type.

This was a very important order for NHS Critical Care and choosing the right company to produce these labels was therefore imperative. At a time when some companies are not fully operational NHS Critical Care had to pick a company that was capable of delivering, but also quickly. NHS Critical care said these labels are vital in order to make staff easily identifiable.

The Owner of Labelservice, Gary Lovell, said: “We got a call on Wednesday from the NHS who asked us to urgently supply and design from scratch, 9 different sticky uniform labels. As we can design and print any bespoke labels for any industry, it was a straight forward job for us. The client was delighted with the quality and the speed in which we delivered. We are pleased the NHS chose us and we were really happy to do our bit to support them.”

Labelservice is a leading supplier of bespoke labels with over 500 different products on show on the company website. Within the medical sector, Labelservice can create patient labels, pharmacy labels, patient record labels, blood bag labels, test tube labels, clinical trial labels, studies labels and many more. For a full list of products please visit the website or give the office a call to discuss your project.

Press Contact Details:
Name: Gary Lovell
Position: Owner
Email: sales@labelservice.co.uk
Address: 8 Crossways Village, Silwood Road, Ascot, Berkshire. SL5 0PY