Know the Requirements of Food Labelling

 The government has standards and regulations for the labelling of food. These regulations change often, so it is best to keep abreast of any changes or updates. The government website has all the necessary information for producers to label correctly and efficiently. It also details where on the label the information must be shown. Here is a brief overview of what is required, by law.  On the front of the label of packaged food, the producer must show the name of the food, quantity information, any necessary warnings and a best before or use by date. The best before date can be placed elsewhere on the package but instructions on where to find this date is necessary on the front of the label. Somewhere on the label, not necessarily on the front, information regarding ingredients, instructions for use or cooking, any special storage conditions (such as whether the product is to be stored in the fridge after opening, for example), the lot number or use by date, and the name and address of the seller, packer or manufacturer.  Quantity, weight or measure is also necessary on a label. Details of this can be found on the government website, so be sure to check that out. You may also have to show warnings, depending on the product. There is also a need for the country of origin if the product is, among others, beef, veal, honey, wine, and most fruits and vegetables imported from outside of the EU. This list of label specifications is long and a producer is wise to ensure that their labels are in line with these regulations. Even a brief overview can be overwhelming and lead many producers to question how they can put all of the required information on their labels. One solution is to use a peel and reveal label for information that is not required on the front of the label.  Whichever way a producer chooses to label their product with all of the required information, the bottom line is to ensure that they are following the law. Being a responsible producer helps not just the consumer but the manufacturer as well. Knowledge and upkeep of regulations on your products labels makes good business sense.