Keep Your Products Safe With Security Labels

Importance Of Security Labels

As the number of thefts and shoplifting cases are on the rise, security labels are becoming a necessity in stores and warehouses.  These labels are best for those selling items such as CDs, DVDs or cosmetic products, as well as valuable electronic devices.  Since products like these are easy to conceal it is extremely important to use these labels on them.  Also anybody serious about protecting their business and hoping to avoid any financial losses, really needs to have great control over their company’s assets and stock flow. Most security labels are semi permanent and cannot be removed easily.  So if someone tampers with these labels, the label attack will be clearly visible.


Get Security Labels From Labelservice­

Now if you are considering labelling your products with security labels, but are unsure as to where you can get them from, turn to Labelservice.  While choosing these labels, it is extremely important to see that they are of superior quality and will stand the test of time.  Labelservice totally understands this concept and the role quality plays in enhancing security, which is why we supply labels that are produced using fine quality materials as well as the latest technology. 

Our security labels are available in many forms such as ultra destructible labels, void labels, security inks and holographic labels.  Ultra destructible labels are most widely used and are made from PVC.  If anyone tries to remove this label, it will break into bits. Void labels are made from polyester material and when this label is removed, the word void will be left on the product. With hologram labels if removal is attempted then the entire hologram gets destroyed. Labelservice also provides self adhesive labels with digitally printed security inks, which can be viewed only under special lighting. 

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