High Quality Print Chemical Labels from Labelservi

Labelservice can produce an extensive range of digitally printed labels that are suitable for a variety of purposes. One of the label designs available are chemical labels which are of use for industrial chemical manufacturing companies. Whether they are for domestically used products like hand wash and surface cleaner or more industrial products like pharmaceuticals and pesticides; Labelservice has the experience to produce labels that adhere to all compulsory regulations and British standards.

It is paramount with chemical labels that all the legally required information is printed so that the substance can be used and managed safely. Labelservice are up to date with labeling laws in a range of industries so you can trust all your needs will be met with their printing services.

Customised Digital Labels Printing

They take on board all your requests and create a chemical labels design that features all the necessary information but also displays the company or brand image you want presented. This may include company logos and colour schemes. They will even include hazard logos; dependent on the chemical being labeled.

The digital printing technology available through Labelservice is highly suited for short runs and labels with variable data. So if you have a range of chemical labels that need to be printed then allow Labelservice to print each kind.

The chemical labels they provide include:

·         CHIP Supply

·         Drum and IBC

·         BS5609 Approved Materials

·         GHS Blanks

·         Hazard Symbols

·         Primary Product Labelling

·         Tactile Warning Triangles

·         Warning Diamonds

For more information on Labelservice printing services call 01344 636450