Biodegradable Labels

Go Green and Keep the Quality

The reasons to switch to using sustainable label materials are many. Over half of consumers today are leaning towards eco-friendly purchasing options. Staying up to date with increasing consumer interest for sustainable, compostable and environmentally friendly products will only benefit your business and not overlook the importance of meeting corporate and social responsibly for the environment.

Smart purchasing professionals understand one of the more difficult parts of selecting authentic eco-friendly packaging materials is the ability to determine the difference between a truly sustainable packaging solution and well-marketed seemingly sustainable packaging solution. Brand owners of eco-friendly, natural, organic, and otherwise sustainable businesses understand this.

They know it’s important for their own brand and marketing to effectively communicate the difference between their sustainable products and the competition who may only be interested in appearing to be ‘green’ or eco-friendly. A great way for sustainable companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability is by using authentic eco-friendly (recycled, compostable, recycle-compatible) packaging and labels.

Many companies are beginning to understand that retail customers are calling for more eco-friendly products, and in turn businesses demand more sustainable options from their supply chain. This shift toward sustainable packaging is accelerating rapidly, and with this there are new materials with claims that must be reviewed carefully to ensure the sustainability claim is accurate, valid, and not misleading. False sustainability claims are dangerous, not only to the environment but also to your business.

Labelservice can help you navigate through to a truly eco-friendly label. For example, there are some claims that can be shown to be not so eco-friendly. Corn-based plastics require the use of resource intensive crops that require signification irrigation (water), chemicals (herbicides and pesticides), and may be made from GMO corn. These labels are neither recyclable nor compostable (adhesives on these labels are not compostable, only the face stock is compostable).

Recycled Vellum is made from rag or plasticized cotton, and carry the same toxic issues as plastic, which we want to avoid. If eliminating excessive plastics is desired, this is not a good option as these labels are not recyclable or compostable, and continue to load our landfills with plastics.

At Labelservice, we only carry sustainable packaging and labels. We’ve been exclusively dedicated to sustainable packaging solutions since the day our doors opened for business. So it’s safe to say, we know our stuff. We’re here for you – give us a call.