GHS for Labels That Labelservice Can Help With

The Globally Harmonized System of the Classification and Labelling of Chemical products or GHS is a set of systems and standards developed by the United Nations (UN) to enable harmonized chemical handling throughout the world. It is for the harmonization of labelling chemicals and chemical mixtures for manufacturing, transporting, using, handling and disposing of. The UN offers the GHS as an off the shelf, global standardization. The UK adopted the GHS in 2009 through its membership in the European Union and as of July 2015, all chemical labelling must adhere to the GHS standards.

LabelService always stays up to date on regulations, standards and systems and the GHS is no exception. As a responsible company, LabelService is driven to offer only quality labels that are in line with all current regulations. While the GHS is not a law but the UK has decided to adhere to the guidelines set out in this UN initiative. It is a system consisting of the best practices for individual countries. The system and standards set out in the GHS are modular. Countries can choose which sections they may adopt.

The key areas for labelling are safety labels, chemical classification and safety data sheets (SDS), formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets or MSDS. GHS for chemical Labels sets out the format of chemical labels along with symbols to indicate hazards and precautions required with chemicals and chemical mixtures. A template is offered in the system which include specific information for labels and Safety Data Sheets. The objective of the GHS is uniformity in communication and to reduce the chance of misinterpretation. As hazardous products are shipped around the globe, it is an ideal that has seen over 70 countries adopt GHS for chemical labels, including the UK.

Most manufactures, and the UN, recognize the danger of transporting hazardous material outside of their home country and the GHS aids in aligning and standardizing the labelling. At Labelservice, we recognize the importance of having up to date information for our customers so they can be assured that their labels are in conformity with all of the regulations governing hazardous material labelling.

Whether you have to re-label your products to conform to the GHS standards adopted by the UK or you are starting fresh after reclassifying chemicals, Labelservice can help you every step of the way. The GHS standards from the UN are not law per se, but the UK has adopted them as such and knowledge of these standards are the first step to compliance.