Get Creative with the Kids This Summer with Self A

The summer is the time of the year most children crave and anticipate with great excitement. 6 weeks of freedom from school and early mornings. However this gives some parents the difficulty of keeping them occupied with varied activities.

One slightly unconventional hobby you can practice with them is sticker collecting. Many adults today grew up having at least one sticker book filled with quality printed self adhesive labels which displayed their favourite football players, pop stars and cartoon characters.

As an alternative you can spark your child’s creativity by giving them the freedom, with your supervision, to decorate their bedroom walls with decorative self adhesive labels in the form of wall stickers. You can work with a high quality label printers like Labelservice who work directly with their customers to create designs you’ve specified.

Self Adhesive Labels for Organising

Similarly, summer playgroups for children can also utilise self adhesive labels for arts and crafts activities. Or they can be used by the staff to keep cupboards and other items in order.

For example, the store cupboard full of drawers and boxes that contain various items can be labeled clearly so people know exactly what is contained inside; maintaining order within a chaotic environment.  They could be different coloured card, crayons and coloured pencils, reference books, buttons, CDs/DVDs, badges plus many other items.

Contact Labelservice and you can order custom made digital labels, printed to the highest quality. With market leading prices and exceptional customer service, ordering the labels will be just as fun as using them.