Food Labels and How They Affect Customers

Imagine being in a store and trying to decide what brand of a product you should buy and all of a sudden, there is a person beside you talking about their specific product and all of the benefits it has. This person can tell you what´s in their product, how it tastes and how it is so much better than the other brands on the shelf. A personal salesperson, pitching you their product. In this day and age, that is a rarity. The label has replaced the unaffordable salesperson and, therefore must speak to the consumers in a way that will make them want to purchase your product.

Yes, it´s all about the label these days and that can make for a difficult sales pitch. Most products have numerous competitors and one can be quite overwhelmed by the vast choice they face in a food isle at the grocery shop. How consumers choose which brand they should purchase comes down to how the label speaks to them. It is the voice of the product and consumers have little precious time to spend in their choosing. Price is a big factor but the right label and branding can overcome any hesitancy about purchasing a product.

If a label makes the product look high priced, the consumer will be more likely to accept the price and then purchase that product. Effective labelling involves conveying that the product is of a very high quality and worth purchasing at a given price point. Colour, recognizable branding, and even textures, can all affect the way the product is seen. Consumers take very little time forming ideas about products, so it is the label´s job to catch their eye and entice them to pick the product up. Once your product has been picked up by the consumer, it is likely that they will purchase it.

It might be all about the label these days but marketing plays a big role as well. Instead of a salesperson knocking on your door, there are now flyers and other such marketing tools that are sent to households to entice people to purchase products. It would be wise to ensure that the branding is consistent in order for consumers to look at the mailed materials and be able to, quickly and easily find the product in the store. All of this marketing ties into the brand and the brand is conveyed through the label at the store. Yes, it really is all about the label these days.