Fantastic Super-Hero Beers You Should Really See

The world of one-off, bespoke craft beer has reached a level of buzz and popularity that very few saw coming. It seems that educated beer enthusiasts are now as common as amateur wine sommeliers in the pubs and bars across both the UK and the United States.

Recently, a Florida-based graphic designer, Marcelo Rizzetto, has taken his passion for craft beer and the fantasy world of superheroes and villains and combined them into an altogether alluring product, developing beers inspired by the founding members of D.C.’s Justice League.  For those of you who may not know, the personalities that Rizzetto is hoping to recreate in his one-of-a-kind beverages are Batman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman and Aquaman.

Unfortunately, the labels themselves are currently the only superhero-element of these beer products. The beverages themselves have yet to be crafted, but it seems likely that Rizzetto can find a master brewer or passionate enthusiast who can help him take his product to the next level.

More than anything, Rizzetto’s story illustrates a powerful concept that small businesses around the world should pay careful attention to. The labels that Rizzetto has designed are, in this particular instance, more important than the products themselves. Rizzettto has proven that one of the most important elements of any product is the impact produced by its label.

Granted, not all of us are developing products that require labels that “pack a punch,” but it seems that Rizzetto’s strategy can be adapted to suit a variety of situations and commercial environments. In the UK, many larger companies have been scratching their head following a host of labelling changes in the food industry. Similar “evolutions” of labelling standards have also been occurring in other Western countries, including France and the United States.

In Rizzetto’s world, however, all it takes is a dash of fearlessness and an amazing costume to help bring a product to full fruition. Here’s to a wonderful catalogue of brilliant label designs for years to come! (And, if we’re lucky, here’s to the introduction of a fabulous line-up of superhero beers that we can actually drink!)