Examples of Security Labels

Examples of Security Labels

Keep track of your valuable stock and items with security labels.  These kinds of labels are a great deterrent to thieves and people who could tamper with the product in question. They are often used on items of a high value and sectors such as the police, businesses, high-tech companies and education.

Labelservice give you the freedom to develop a customised label which can include information you deem necessary, such as barcodes for tracking, company name or address to identify the rightful owner and other security features that will be mentioned later.

Barcodes are a common feature of security labels as they support the process of tracking and stock control. If you’re concerned with the unauthorised access of a certain product, tamper evident features can also be included. Many people will have usually experienced using this kind of label after purchasing a mobile phone. The packaging is sealed with a label that once peeled, displays the word ‘void’ to show that the box has been opened or manipulated in some way.

These self adhesive labels are a great deterrent as many thieves will be aware that it cannot be concealed if they remove the label.  The adhesive is also exceptionally strong so they won’t be easily removed and can withstand extreme temperatures and exposure to water.

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Furthermore, with the support of Labelservice’s advanced digital printing facilities and creative, innovative designers; you can include authentication designs on your label like a hologram. This way counterfeits can always be exposed easily.

So contact Labelservice for more details on how their various security label designs can protect your valuable products and items. We have a variety of materials at our disposal to create your ideal label and the digital printing machines create high quality, sharp prints. We also guarantee first class customer service as we work closely with you on the tailor made labels.

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