Examples of Booklet Labels

Why Self Adhesive Booklet Labels are a Top Choice for Consumer Goods

More often than not, a lot of information has to be squeezed onto labels; particularly consumer products. Labels serve as a great tool to print legally required information, but they also act as an excellent marketing tool. Based on the budget of a company, they can print vibrant imagery, write in an additional language, raise brand awareness and even include additional messages for their customers. The latter is the main reason for the use of booklet labels. They provide a lot more room for pages of information and text that can be displayed on your product.

It’s an extremely cost effective solution as it prevents you from increasing the size of your product packaging, decreasing the size of your font or excluding additional information. Labels are a fantastic self advertising tool. You can view a variety of food goods in a supermarket and see excellent examples of the brand specific additional information they feature. This can include short narratives on the origin of the product or the company. Promotional activities like competitions as well as fun facts and recipes are also often printed.

For these versatile labels, self adhesive labels are the preferred digitally printed label to use. Being self adhesive they are easy to apply and consequently remove if consumers feel it necessary to share a particularly well designed or useful label with interesting information.

Top Uses for Booklet Labels

Health, well being and cleaning product companies probably benefit the most from booklet labels. There are generally more complex or chemical ingredients featured which have longer names and therefore require more space to fit in easily. Other information like instructions of use, product benefits, safety measures, storage instructions and side effects can also be printed.

More food products, as mentioned previously, have included booklet labels. For more personable and quirky brands you’ll find interesting brand messages and stories printed. High quality food products also include recommended recipes that complement the food in question. This is usually for cooking sauces and a few drinks that can be mixed with others.

Being creative with the labels you use can provide your business with a significant competitive advantage. Customers always tend to remember unique things that don’t normally feature on packaging.

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