Digital Peel and Reveal!

An animal health care company approached us with a problem.  They had won a large contract to supply their products throughout Europe, but didn’t want the cost and logistical issues of carrying several different product labels for each country.  They had looked into peel and reveal multi layer labelling but had three concerns:

1)  They had over a dozen product codes and were concerned that with the traditional method of printing multi layer would cost thousands of pounds in printing plates.  Additionally the individual product runs were quite short.
2)  The health and safety information contained on their labels was liable to change at any time, so didn’t want to carry high label stocks.
3)  Such was the amount of information required on the labels that a standard two layer product would not give them enough room.

The solution was digital peel and reveal labels from Labelservice.  In both two and three layer constructions (offering 5 printable pages) we supplied peel and reveal products printed in full colour throughout, encompassing 8 different sizes.  There were zero plate costs on the job and when the product information changes the client can reorder at a level suitable for their next order, without any wastage or minimum order quantities.