Digital Labels – The Cost Benefits

Labelling is an important factor for the manufacturing of many packages and products. Key pieces of information are needed on certain packages such as brand/product name, instructions of use, ingredients, codes and other legal requirements. Labels provide a cost effective alternative to printing all this information on the physical package.


Digital Labels are Versatile


After years of developments and improvements, label suppliers like Labelservice can provide their customers with a range of digital labels. The physical design of a label can now be a booklet, double sided, self-adhesive, domed and even alarmed (as well as many others). So depending on your needs, you can have unique labels created to your specifications.

Digitally printed labels from Labelservice are an increasingly popular choice for customers. The technology required to produce digital labels is far more convenient than previous traditional plate methods. With a quicker turnaround, more labels can be produced in an efficient manner which allows for more specific orders. Instead of bulk buying due to unsure production times, you can confidently order what you need and request more with a clear time frame of when they will be ready.

There is also greater design flexibility with digital labelling so multiple designs and variable labels (e.g. barcodes) can be easily reproduced in next to no time. Unlike previous methods which involved changing plates and setups.

Using digital technology the quality of labels produced is also outstanding. With sharp colours and crisp imagery, your design will look just as vibrant printed out as it does onscreen, with great printing accuracy.

With digital labels production being so adaptable and efficient, pricing is great value for money, especially from Label Service.



Digital Labels from Labelservice


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