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Digital Labels – A Wise Choice

Custom label printing is one of the most important investments as a manufacturer of consumer or industrial products. Creating custom labels gives your products the branding, look, and appeal to attract your target customers. High-quality custom product labels serve an important purpose and can help a company stand out from the competition. Along with brand recognition, labels convey critical information to the consumer including instructions for use, nutritional information, safety warnings, expiration dates, lot codes and contact information. When it comes to custom printing labels there is no better choice than Labelservice.

Digitally printed labels are extremely high quality and ideal for short runs of printing. They have a fast turnaround and provide the customer with more flexibility than older methods such as flexographic printing. Customers are able to get high quality, cost effective, short run printing with fast lead times. The benefits of digital printing include variable data, multiple SKU’s, 2D barcodes, first article proofs approvals and perfect registration. Digital printing is the right choice for customers looking for high quality short run labels to enhance their products.

Digital printing has benefits such as detailed printing, clean gradients, custom colour matching, crisp text, colours that pop, and precise images. If you need business label printing for product testing or prototypes, the affordable price and fast turnaround of digital printing will help your cause. Digital printing is faster, cheaper, and more flexible than traditional printing. For example, digital printing can handle labels for products that feature personalisation, sequential numbering, or other variable data much easier than flexographic printing.

Digital label printing is the right choice if you need print labels for food and beverage products. It is also ideal for products that require high-quality printing, such as medical and pharmaceutical labels. Digital printing can fulfil medical device labelling requirements with different barcode labels and unique device identifiers. If the medical device will need to withstand extreme temperatures, however, silkscreen might be the better option.

When looking for print labels for your business, contact us at Labelservice. Labelservice is proud to offer zero-defect label printing and high-quality custom label printing using your choice of method. Our experts can review your specific needs and products and help you determine whether you should choose digital or flexographic printing.