Different Services Product Label Companies Provide

When it comes to selling a product, it’s all about the look. Who would want to by a boring looking product with a dull label, even if the product’s content are absolutely amazing? 

To be able to successfully sell your product, you must first work out how to entice your customers. The design of your label is ultimately your secret weapon, it works as a selling tool, so this will need careful consideration. It will need to be as eye-catching as possible in order to get noticed on the shelves, play around with a range of different colour combinations and interesting fonts to find the best look for your product. 

Label companies can offer a range of different services. Should you require some help in designing your label, then most printing companies will be able to consult with you or even produce a design on your behalf. Bespoke labels should also consider the substrate in which the label is intended for, as different printing methods achieve different results. For example, if your product was a shampoo, then you might want to consider Flexography which would enable you to print directly onto the bottle to prevent water from potentially damaging a paper label. However, if it’s a jar of peanut butter, then digital printing could achieve a paper label as in this case, water damage is unlikely to be of concern in a kitchen cupboard!

Whist Flexography remains the more expensive option, you will need to weigh up the costs of both as it could end up cheaper should you require in excess of 50,000 labels. Printing companies have experience working with a variety of different industries, giving them the knowledge and experience to help in producing your ideal label. 

They can also assist by providing label formats, but if you do plan on designing your own label, then remember to be creative. Printing companies will advise on the best label substrate for your product in relation to it’s container, but you could try and make your product stand out by using a unique shape, this will also help make your brand more identifiable, it certainly worked well for Heinz and its a shape that most people automatically associate with the food giant.