Design Tips for Your Labels

One of the foremost things an outstanding product label can do is that it helps your products stand out from competitors. Such differentiating of your product and company from competitors is crucial to creating a distinctive brand identity. Another reason to get a nice label is that it can influence the consumer’s buying decision when shopping. There are plenty of products lined up on a shopping shelf. The label will draw the attention of potential customers instantly to your product if the design is attractive and unique. Even undecided customers can also think of buying your product based on its memorable label.

When creating a label design, make sure the text is legible. The font size should appropriate so that people can read the label from a good distance clearly. Ideally, the text should be above 6 points font at the very least. For the other relevant information listed,10 points font and up can be used.

To further enhance the readability, the font colour should be in contrast to the background colour. But try not to make it a maverick colour combination. So choose a font colour that comes with both value and intensity contrast. Going by customer’s psychology, bright colour is a wiser choice as it gives them a sense of confidence. Also, the colour shades should be in sync with the brand’s existing visual style.

Since a product label has usually little space for image and content, designers create a visual juxtaposition by typographic pairing. Viewers can easily recognize the pieces of information with the help of the contrast. You’re suggested to use the same font if there’s a need for continuity between information. The main objective of typographic pairing is to display the relationship between the information and different type choices.

White space is a significant element in designing a product label, it helps separate the chunks of different information so that customers can read the details easily. It is also used to create visual distinction. Consumers can also be attracted towards a powerful product label having clear content and simple logo design. It reflects the user-friendliness of the product and communicates a sense of simplicity.

Make sure that your label design looks unique, memorable and original. Research your competitors’ label. Get a design that stands out. An obsolete, boring or copied design may lead to legal issues. This may also bring you to a crucial quotient which is often misleading for the first-time customers. And don’t forget to provide the company contact information in an effective way to encourage communication with buyers.

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