Customer Interaction With Your Label

Custom product labels are your customers’ first interaction with your best-idea-turned-amazing-product. The label is the very first thing they see. First impressions are important, so your label needs to make a good one. Your product labels help your good ideas stand out from the crowd whether you sell in retail stores or you sell direct-to-consumer. The right label helps your product stand out on the shelf or the webpage. It grabs consumers’ attention and differentiates your items from your competitors.

Product labels elicit feelings in customers that they identify with again and again whenever they see and purchase your product. You can harness the power of good design to take your customers on a journey that begins with the first visual experience and repeats itself over and over again as your first-time customers become loyal customers.

Labels do more than show your best face to the world. They also make you dependable and accountable. For example, food product labels contain ingredients lists and regulatory information (where applicable). You can also add contact information, including social media links.

The core elements of design are what makes your product label say “pick me”. Your label should speak to consumers. The first rule of making amazing product labels is this: make it yours. You don’t have a product like anyone else’s, so you don’t want their labels either. Get out of the office and take a look at what the competition is doing to avoid any designs that look too close in nature. You can switch it up by choosing a different shape or size, and of course, using your own artwork and brand messaging.

What’s the first thing consumers will see when they encounter your product label? You’re in control of where their eye goes, and you can use the principles of visual hierarchy to control the delivery of your brand experience. The concept of visual hierarchy includes a list of building blocks including but not limited to size, scale, colour, alignment, proximity, whitespace, texture, typeface, and style.

What would your customer expect to find inside your packaging? Your product, of course. But what kind of experience do they expect? Guide them from the outset by matching your custom product label with the spirit of the product. Custom product labels give you the power to grab your customer’s interest and inspire them.