Creating the Perfect Beer Label

Welcome – this is a follow-up to our blog about creating the perfect supplement label.

Craft beer has rapidly become a “go-to” hobby for a large number of enthusiasts around the world. Whether it’s simply the allure of the DIY mentality, or perhaps an unsatisfied desire to expand one’s flavour palate using one of the world’s most popular beverages, the production of craft beer is an undeniably popular enterprise.

If you’re just now entering the world of craft beer, the chances are good that you’re feeling pretty excited about the idea of developing a standout product. Beyond just flavour, however, is the more commercial side of craft beer production that truly determines whether a product makes it in this competitive arena. If you’re passionate about producing the perfect craft beer, then you should also be dedicated to producing the perfect craft beer label.

One of the first steps to developing an undeniably attractive craft beer label is to really understand what your audience is looking for. The demographics of craft beer consumption are, after all, quite different from more commercial beer enterprises. If you want your product to gather attention and hype, your label will need to be compelling. Whether you opt for a funky or refined design, you’ll need to ensure that it completely lives up to its potential!

If your beer is best suited to a specific period of the year (i.e. winter, summer, etc.) then you should seriously consider developing a label that matches the imagery of the season it is paired with. Not only will this serve as an excellent starting point of inspiration for whatever you may have in mind for your design, it should help you develop positive associations between the season in question and your product. When next year’s winter rolls around, your beer will be the first thing that pops into the minds of craft beer enthusiasts.

Finally, don’t be limited by the bottle itself! The bottle cap is another excellent venue for compelling graphics and text. A well-designed label and cap combination is guaranteed to impress.

Our advice? Spend a hefty amount of time deciding what it is you’re looking to accomplish with your label. The more clarity you can gain at this stage, the better! Good luck!