Consultancy and Other Services


The label industry is massive.  There are so many differing methods of manufacturing, different printing presses and literally hundreds of various materials and adhesives.  There is a lot that can go wrong and result in customers being unhappy with their labels, either because they don’t look right or they don’t stick properly.  Our competitors are often keen to blame end users for such issues; “Well you approved the proofs” or “You should have tested them first” being common responses to quality problems.

Perhaps the biggest difference between us and our competition is the service you get right from the start.  We are happy to give you our time and the benefit of our experience from day one, and it really is a no obligation service.  If you have questions on face papers, adhesive, colours, design or anything else relating to your label range, we are happy to discuss on e-mail, on the telephone or in person.

Alternatively if you already have a large label portfolio, and would like a chat with industry experts to ensure you are getting the best prices or products in the market (without the hard sell) – then please do get in touch.

Label Pricing Review

As well as providing consultancy services to our new and exisiting customers, we are also equally happy to undertake a complete review of your own label spend.  There are so many different methods of printing and production in the market, which are changing all the time, it may well be the case that some or all of your labels could be printed using a different technology, saving you time and money.  This is a no-obligation service and we will not attempt to buy your business just to undercut our competitors.  Unlike some label companies who ‘guarantee’ savings, we will remain impartial and if you are buying well,  we will tell you.Label Mock Up Service

Have you ever been in a position where you need just a few labels or tags for a product launch, photoshoot or exhibition?   This is normally problematic becuase there are minimum order issues that often make a small run expensive at best, or untenable at worst.  Not to mention origination and plate costs!

Now there is a soluion.  Our label mock-up service can provide you with full working prototypes of the labels you require, from quantities of 1 – 50.  These can be printed on the actual label material you will be using, be it semi gloss paper, white polyprop or clear vinyl.  They can also be varnished or laminated to spec.

Label Contracts

Many of our customers take advantage of our label contract options to ensure they get the best possible price and service for their annual label requirement. We offer to:

  • Ship labels to you whenever you require them
  • Only invoice you as each drop is received
  • Offer you full flexibility to increase or decrease your requirement
  • Hold the stock at our premises and not on your shelf
  • Pick and ship to multiple locations
  • Save on administration costs by managing your stock for you, including danger levels and stock replenishment


The label industry is changing all the time and Labelservice moves with it. You will benefit from our proactivity in keeping abreast of new technologies, new label materials, new adhesives and new products. We regularly contact our customer base with label advancements that are specific to their own industries, enabling your business to keep ahead of your competitors.