Changes to Cosmetics Labelling

11 July 2013 saw full implementation of the new EU Cosmetics Regulation ((EC) No. 1223/2009), the cosmetic legislation framework in Europe.  The Cosmetics Regulation replaces the EC Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC).  Amongst the new obligations  for cosmetics and personal care products across Europe there is a need for revised labelling.  The new rules include all beauty and cosmetic products made available to the EU market after July 11, the main provisions of which are:

– It will be an offence to supply cosmetic products whch may cause damage to human health when applied under normal conditions.

– The use of certain substances in cosmetic products is prohibited.

– The use of certain substances is restricted, for example some fragrances, colouring agents, preservatives and UV filters.

– The use of specific risk material (eg, products derives fromrt certain animals that may carry a risk of BSE) as an ingredient is prohibited.

– Certain information is required to be held by a ‘responsible person’, whom will have to be designated by the manufacturer.

One thing that is certain to change will be the labelling of cosmetic products.  More detailed information is now required to be printed on the labels, specifically of a non-wipeable, easily legible and clearly visible quality.  These details include, amongst others, the name of the company and address of the company, the perdon who is responsible for the product and the notification of nano materials.

Labelservice offer a wide range of labelling solutions for the cosmetic industry.  Materials include white or clear PP’s, including a clear on clear PP for a ‘no label look’.  Additional finishing and special effects we can offer include foiling, holograms and matt, gloss or satin varnishes.

With space at a premium, you may be struggling to fit all of the information on a single label.  When this is the case Labelservice can offer innovative digital solutions, including printing on the adhesive side of the label or 2 or even 3 ply peel and reveal labels.

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