Why Pharmaceuticals Need Peel and Reveal Labels

Digital labels suppliers like Labelservice provide high quality labels for a variety of customers involved in different industries. Digitally printing labels is the preferred method as they provide exceptional quality prints and they use fewer materials than previous traditional printing methods, resulting in lower wastage which is better for the environment. Not only this, but they allow the company to adapt to the evolving needs of their customers as they require multiple types of labels in a reasonably quick amount of time.

The style and design of labels used has been continuously developed and improved over the years. Some of the more unconventional styles include booklet labels, double sided labels and peel and reveal labels.


Peel and Reveal Labels for Pharmaceuticals


The Pharmaceutical industry is a great user of the latter labels, as they support their need to legally write a comprehensive list of all the details required on medicine, both prescription and non-prescription. An example of the data that is legally required is the name of the medicine, directions of use, ingredients and if prescribed, name of the patient.


Why Peel and Reveal Labels?


Peel and reveal labels work by having a 2 layer label with information on the front cover. This top page can then be peeled back to reveal more information on the other sides. By having this extra space to print information means pharmacy companies can avoid using larger packaging or increasing the label size. Also what has been printed can remain an easy size to read.

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