What are Booklet Labels Used For

 Booklet Labels are an effective way to include more information into your product’s packaging.

This type of label format is known by several names; fold out labels, expanded labels, and extended labels are a few good examples.  They vary slightly in form and construction, but they have the same purpose: to provide expanded product information to customers.

This label format provides more available space for information on your product labels. It has additional “leafs” or “pages” that can accommodate more text and graphics than standard one page labels. This allows you to bypass typical space constraints on smaller items. For larger products, you can optimize the available space to include both informational and promotional details.

Since more information can be packed in this format, it’s perfectly suited for the following applications:

          Chemical product labels which should include government required regulatory information.

          Labels that include pharmaceutical information.

          Labels that feature promotional coupons and booklets.

          Food product labels which feature product and recipe information.

          General information booklets appropriate for newly launched products.

At present, the cost for printing booklet labels is easily affordable for smaller manufacturers and business owners. Digital printing technology has allowed cost-effective printing of smaller batches and eliminated the need for costly printing plates. Lead and production time are also improved because everything is printed and designed digitally.

Each booklet label is designed to the specifications you provide. We can optimize your design to make it fit perfectly to your product. Various shapes and sizes can be produced. Our bespoke printing service makes it possible for you to get the most suitable label for your product.

You can always rely on us for all your Booklet Label needs. Our sales representatives are on hand to assist you. Ask us for a quote today!