Wall Stickers from Labelservice

Wall Stickers from Labelservice

With a name like Labelservice you’d expect all our product offerings to be labels used predominantly in the manufacturing industry; and to some extent this is true. However, we provide much more thanks to our knowledgeable staff and access to top digital printing technologies. 

We produce a wide range of custom printed labels based on your designs and specifications. We also offer expert advice on what would work best, in order to give you a finished product you can be proud of. But you’re request is what matters and we have countless designs and label styles so you can have the most suitable labels to meet your needs.

With our range of self-adhesive and peel and reveal labels, it seemed like a natural progression to provide wall stickers.

Custom Made Wall Stickers for Commercial Purposes and Interior Design

They are a similar concept to labeling but most commonly used for promotional activities or interior design. With the aid of our great digital printing facilities we can produce excellent wall stickers with sharp imagery and colours. Not only this but the adhesive used will make sure once they’ve been put up; they won’t peel at the corners and eventually come off.

From a commercial point of view, this extension of our label printing service will allow you to expand your current promotional activities. Things like special deals/offers and brand images can be produced and placed in your commercial setting or handed out to customers, thus increasing awareness of your company.

If you’re after wall stickers to add some panache to your interior design, allow Labelservice to create a fantastic selection of custom printed stickers. We aim to provide exceptional customer service that is unmatched by anyone else and the highest quality labels at market leading prices.

For more information on our wall stickers or digital labels, contact Labelservice today.

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