Track Your Products With Asset Labels

What every industry needs more than marketing strategies is the ability to keep track of all their products and other assets.


Asset Labels Make Tracking Easier And Faster

From retail to industry, small scale to large; each business has the need to have its own set of asset labels. Labelservice enables you to instantly create your own asset labels.
These labels, which are the best of the bunch for asset tracking also go by the pseudonyms of:

•    asset tags
•    property tags
•    property labels
•    security stickers, tags or labels
•    barcode labels
•    tamperproof labels
•    aluminium labels
•    ID tags and stickers


Security Self Adhesive Labels Can Help Keep Business Losses To A Minimum

Self adhesive labels are sturdy and have the potency to stay on a piece of merchandise for a long time, even for years on end. At the same time, they are flexible as they are easily replaceable and can be used for a range of tasks.
Nearly 50% of transport and logistics depend on these labels, as they add a touch of authentication for a particular product or service. The advanced reel-fed label presses blend print options with high quality output for several types of printing, label die-cuts, waste stripping, and rewinds in reels for instant application.  
If you have any questions about asset or self adhesive labels with regard to the material that needs to be used for your requirement or the sizes, please contact LabelService at 01344 636 450.
LabelService is an exclusive bespoke self adhesive label supplier supplying labels for all types of industries and businesses for the last 25 years.