Top Quality Peel And Reveal Labels From Label Serv

Label Service has been in the labelling industry over 25 years. With their extensive experience, they provide a variety of high quality self adhesive labels at competitive prices.


High Quality Peel And Reveal Labels

Peel and reveal labels are widely used where a large amount of information relating to promotional offers needs to be contained in a compact space. Here are the different types of peel and reveal labels that Label Service can offer.

·         Coupon and competition entry labels – These self adhesive labels are ideal for promotion coupons and competition cards. They can be very effective if you want to reach out to a larger audience.

·         Multi language labels – Products that need detailed instructions but have limited space available can make use of these multi layered labels. Just peel off until you reach the language you need.

·         Triple layer labels – This is another good label type that can be used to get a lot of information across in a limited space. They can be printed in multiple layers and the top layers can be peeled off to reveal more information.

·         Special shaped labels – If you want to use special shaped labels to fit the product or the available space then these are the labels you need. They can be printed in any shape and size you require.

·         Unique coded labels – Use these labels if you want to add unique codes such as QR codes to the labels.

Competitive Prices With Label Service 

Label Service uses top quality printing machinery to produce their self adhesive labels. With their years of expertise they provide an excellent service and competitive prices.

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