The top 5 benefits of Asset Labels to a Business

 With every company having its own abundance of equipment, it’s no wonder bosses are struggling to keep track of thief property. Items ranging from hole punches to important client documents often manage to relocate themselves or disappear altogether. 

In America alone it’s estimated that a whopping $50 billion worth of company assets are stolen by employees annually, which is why Asset’s ID Labels offer all companies the simple option of safeguarding their belongings. 

The Labels adhere to a range of different items such as office equipment and computers with the aim of deterring thieves. They are designed to stick to items extremely well, with obvious signs should a label try to be removed. Any item that successfully has its ID label removed will leave an obvious mark behind, with the thinking that this will deter thieves from trying to sell items on. 

They are also able to improve a company’s performance by having the ability to track assets to their specific location. The labels can also check the quantity and model through the use of a barcode. They help businesses to realise when certain equipment needs updating so ultimately increasing efficiency.

Asset ID Labels can help promote your organisation due to the obvious company name or logo. Because they are also very durable and difficult to remove this will be helpful in an inventory and with insurance companies should an item be stolen as they comply with their regulations. 

The use of these labels will help with any size of business to ensure their assets remain safe. They help by proving ownership and deterring staff from thinking about stealing from you. It helps to protect your company’s information, your confidential information and documents. They will also save you time and expense in the event of a missing item. 

Asset ID labels can come with a barcode system, trackers or sequential numbering. They can be made on different materials depending of the environment it will be needed for. Organisations will also benefit from being able to track their items in order to organise certain employees and equipment for certain dates and times.