The Story Behind Personalised Coca-Cola Drinks Lab

Some people would have thought that custom coke bottles with your name on the label would be amazing, but as we have seen over recent months it is now a reality and very much a craze. According to statistics, currently there are 800 million personalized Coca-Cola Bottles being distributed all over 32 European. The message on the popular drink’s label appear with a message ‘Share a Coke with . . .’ followed by your name.

How It Started

The campaign first started in Australia during the summer of 2011-12. The company chose 150 of the most popular names in the country and printed it onto bottles and cans. In these 3 months, it became a successful venture for Coca-Cola and as a result sales increased by 4%.

Now it is being promoted all across Europe with one of the ambitious personalized brand campaign done by Coca-Cola Bottlers. The drive is supposed to produce 800 million high quality personalized labels using 150 popular names, endearments, and nicknames. The project is spearheaded Eshuis – a Dutch label converter based in Dalfsen. They will be utilizing 12 WS6000 presses that will run for 3 months, 24 hours a day. According to Peter Overbeek (Managing Director of Eshuis), using HP Indigo digital presses there will be boundless opportunities for various bottlers and brand owners such as Coca-Cola.

Eshuis have put a lot of confidence in their HP Indigo digital label printing presses to deliver millions of labels with the operations continuing on a daily basis. If you will look into the Indigo technology, it is far more superior to other presses in the industry. It has the ability to print spot colours and has superior colour consistency. Not only that, brand owners and professional drinks label manufacturers like LabelService can really rely on this technology because it is cost-efficient and has long-run production capabilities at a high production rate.

The success of Coca-Cola can attest on the effectiveness of using high quality personalised label printing to engage with customer all over the country and even globally. Coca-Cola had made a wise move with this campaign and it has improved sales, strengthened customer relationships, increased product awareness, and built brand loyalty.

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