Stay Safe With Security Labels

Whether it is for a small, medium or large business enterprise, Labelservice has access to all the latest equipment and materials for creating effective security labels.

As the company name indicates, their main focus is on providing excellent customer service on all orders. All the digital labels produced go through stringent quality control measures and you are fully included in all aspects of the label production. From selecting the materials used to finalising the designs. 


Security Labels To Keep Your Products Safe

For businesses that have an extensive amount of valuable stock which needs to be kept safe, we produce a variety of security labels. All of which can contain custom printed information like barcodes, batch numbers or product data. 

·         Ultra-Destructible Labels: If any attempt is made to remove the label it disintegrates

·         VOID Labels: If any attempt is made to remove the label, the word ‘VOID’ remains printed on the product

·         Security Inks: Some of our self adhesive labels can be printed using special security ink that displays only under special lighting, thus preventing fraud and counterfeits

·         Holographic Labels: If any attempt is made to remove the label the hologram will not be as pristine or clear and cannot be removed in one piece.


Attract Customers With Bright Coloured Self Adhesive Labels

So whenever you require the services of a professional digital label printing provider, contact Labelservice. Our product line includes security labels, booklet labels, chemical labels, food labels, peel and reveal labels, window stickers and more.

Telephone: 01344 636450 or email