Recognising the importance of self adhesive labels

Recognising the importance of self adhesive labels

The introduction of the paper bag – the worldwide packaging in a 19th century grocer’s shop – created the need to identify the contents with some kind of ‘label’. This was, of course, really helpful for customers; and, since then, labels have been expanding their role in packaging, driven by governmental demands as well as the need to promote a particular brand, as the consumer culture gained momentum after the Second World War.

Nowadays, it is certainly true that self adhesive labels add value to a product’s packaging in a number of ways: as a source of information on goods contents; as a use for barcodes and other track-and-trace and verification devices; and as a promotion and decoration to show the consumer what they have to offer.

Labels for any situation

The key markets for self adhesive labels are foods, beverages, personal care products, and pharmaceuticals whether they are used to give information of ingredients, extra promotional codes, product news and manufacturing details. They can also be used for novelty use as well, whether they are for children to collect or decorate their books or room, or maybe they are fun stickers for you and your friends making an ideal personalised party gift.

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