Press Release: 100% increase in Cosmetic Labels

 Berkshire, UK – 24th September 2013:

This well established successful labels supplier has recently seen a surge in it’s demand for Cosmetic Labels largely due to the new Cosmetics Regulations. The old EC Cosmetics Directive was recently replaced by the EU Cosmetics Regulation on the 11th July 2013. 

This new Regulation has brought about new changes to ensure the continued protection of the consumer. From now on, it will be seen as an offence if any product has the potential to cause damage to it’s consumers health when applied as directed by the manufacturer. To ensure this, a new list has been produced to clearly outline all substances which are prohibited for use within cosmetic products, to add to this, it has also seen restrictions in the use of certain substances such as, fragrances, colouring agents, preservatives and UV filters. 

Interestingly, and a change that will please many consumers, is the banning of any form of animal testing within the Cosmetic Industry. This now means that any final product that has been the subject of animal testing is now prohibited under the EU Cosmetics Regulation, this also applies to all of its ingredients used.

As product labelling is a way of protecting the consumer, all containers and packaging must now ensure that their information is indelible, easily legible, and displays visible lettering. Below is a brief outline of the information that should be found on a cosmetic label:

Name/Registered name and address of the Responsible person
The Country of origin for imported products
Weight/Volume of the content at the time of packaging 
A use-by-date for products kept in appropriate conditions
The Reference number or Batch number of the manufacturer
The list of all ingredients

Due to the impact of the above mentioned changes, revisions to cosmetic labels are now taking place. Labelservice has over 25 years’ experience within the industry, and their Managing Director Gary Lovell is keen to help more Cosmetics companies with their requirements.

Gary says “with our experience in supplying labels for companies across all industries, cosmetics is one where we have always been strong. We have supplied many major brands over the years and as a result we have one of, if not the largest, range of cosmetic labels online.”

Gary went on to add “we are also seeing a significant growth in smaller cosmetic companies so our service offering is geared towards both huge and small orders, including multi sort runs”.

With their extensive range of Cosmetic Labelling available there is something to suit all needs including soaps, hair and makeup, skincare, lotions, shower gel and shampoo.

About Cosmetic Labels
All labelling produced by Labelservice is available on a wide range of different papers and filmic materials. They can produce either an antique style or a modern appearance. With years of experience they want to help to make your product’s label stand out amongst the others when placed on a shelf. They pride themselves on being experts at knowing what their customers need. They have many different product labels on offer which benefit from being waterproof and oil resistant, they can also be produced on matt or gloss laminations. Due to their knowledge of ever changing legislation surrounding cosmetic product labelling they supply the peel and reveal labels, ideal for incorporating the necessary information onto limited space. 

About Labelservice

Labelservice offer their clients competitive pricing, superb quality and a friendly proactive service. Their product range cover s everything your business could ever need. The company are at the forefront of technical advances and new product innovations. They will happily discuss with you the best printing method for your label in terms of suitability, cost and print quality. They value long term, successful relationships with their customers and are here to help you every step of the way. 

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