Peel and Reveal Labels At Competitive Prices

When the requirement is to have a lot of information and language translations in a restricted space, the innovative peel and reveal labels in mono layer and multi layers from Labelservice are the most recommended option.


Peel And Reveal To See More

These labels are used for cosmetics and toiletries, instruction labels, food and drink labels, pharmaceutical products and more. They are a versatile and cost effective way of printing excess information without having to alter the immediate surface area of your label or the product in question. By simply adding more layers to the same size label, you create 2 labels for the price of one.


Labelservice Self Adhesive Labels


For printing product information, promotional activities, security passes, or warnings and permits; self adhesive labels can be personalised quickly enough and after the print, just one or two heavy coats of polyurethane varnish to the printed side of the paper will efficiently produce a durable and smudge proof label with digital photo-like quality.

With such high quality production, you can be confident our self adhesive labels can withstand very harsh conditions such as regular exposure to light, water and heat. So for items that will regularly face these conditions, Labelservice’s range of digitally printed labels is most ideal.

 You have a wide range of design options to choose from when creating self adhesive labels so you never have to limit your ideas.

 Labelservice offers peel and reveal labels and other digital label styles at competitive prices. To know more give us a call on 01344 636 450 or email