Labelservice Ready For The New Food Information Re

 Labelservice has developed an effective and timely response to the newly established Food Information Regulations.

Berkshire, UK – 3.2.2014


In an effort to ensure that their customers have the tools they need to continue working at peak efficiency, Labelservice has developed an extensive and thorough response to the new Food Information Regulations.  After a careful review of the new additions and changes made to existing policies, Labelservice has worked diligently to ensure that they are capable of providing the same level of quality and professionalism to clients who must now be operating under these new guidelines.

The purpose of the new EU Food Information Regulation (adopted September 2011) is to make food labeling easier to understand for consumers through a simplification and streamlining of current legislation. These rules apply largely to general food and nutrition labelling and have been coalesced into a single EU regulation. Areas covered include allergens, nano-ingredients and imitation foods, as well as the presentation of nutrition information on the package itself. The Regulation repeals (amongst others) EC Directive 90/496/EEC on nutrition labeling for foodstuffs and EC Directive 2000/13/EC on food labeling.

When asked to discuss the new alterations found within the Food Information Regulations, the founder of Label service, Gary Lovell, stated, “Labelservice will be ready for the new Food Information Regulations and has always remained prepared for such legislation amendments. We are proud of the fact that our labels continue to conform to specific rules and regulations made by the EU Food Information Regulation. If any of our customers feel daunted by these changes, we will help you to ensure that your label will properly conform to all of the new regulatory stipulations. We also offer many default label types that already follow every EU Food Information law down to the letter.

For many businesses, these particular types of legislative and regulatory changes can be a significant impediment to progress, particularly when in-depth or sophisticated infrastructural arrangements must be adapted to the new standards set forth in the policies. Fortunately, organisations such as Labelservice are actively researching and these policies in an effort to ensure that their clients have the tools they need to quickly return to peak efficiency.


It is interesting to observe how “indirect” elements of business practices, such as these, play such a large role in determining the overall success of industry players that utilise them. Although labeling is, essentially, one one element of a much larger food industry within the UK, compliance with the Food Information Regulations is an absolute necessity. Each of the other related elements of food production and sales rely upon an efficient and properly managed labeling system in order to thrive. It will be interesting to observe the full effects of the Food Information Regulations as time continues to pass.


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