Labelservice Announces 200 New Accounts In 2013

 Labelservice continues their impressive expansion with a highly lucrative 2013 and forecasts of a successful 2014.


Berkshire, UK – 10.12.2013  As 2013 comes to a close, Labelservice has earned the opportunity to reflect on yet another year of profitable growth.  Having opened over 200 new accounts, Labelservice is reporting unprecedented growth. Their customers now include significant corporate and business organisations across a range of industries, including the food, chemical, cosmetics, automotive, marketing and advertising sectors. 

Labelservice has recently announced that, beginning early in 2014, the company will be launching a series of new websites, each focusing on labelling issues relating to specific industries and providing a more in-depth look at specialist labels.  The websites will provide valuable industry insight, product galleries and specifications, efficient and creative labelling ideas, among other helpful items.  The current slate of topics to be covered includes chemical labels, food labels, window stickers, peel and reveal labels, booklet labels, digital labels and cosmetics labelling

These expansions are due in large part to recent shifts within the government related to this particular field. As packaging legislation continues to change, many industries are going to find their packing space severely limited, meaning that multi-page products such as peel and reveal labels and booklet labels will become increasingly commonplace. With the packaging for these products typically being very small, multi-layer products from Labelservice can provide much needed assistance. Similarly, food companies will soon have to become fully compliant with the Food Information Regulations 2014 act, which requires an increased amount of information on packing related to the origins of the food provided, as well as additional text regarding ingredients and nutrition.

The REACH legislation has had major repercussions in the chemical industry, as suppliers and manufacturers of chemicals and related products have had to rewrite and redesign the warnings on the label to remain in sync with pre-existing European standards.  Labelservice’s digital labels offer complete redesigns and rebrands without expensive plate and origination costs. As consumer confidence and spend increases, producers will be eager to increase their percentage of market share. Labelservice has developed an extensive infrastructure designed to support clients wishing to use

on-pack promotion labels, such as peel and reveal coupon and competition entry labels.

Gary Lovell, Managing Director of Labelservice, says “reaching 200 new accounts this year just shows how capable we are of dealing with any size company and any sized order. With 300 different labels we are the perfect destination for any company needing a professional partner to design and print their labels.”

From the production perspective, Labelservice will soon be able to offer yet another flagship UK first – a digital print station developed around a flexographic press. This technology will allow Labelservice to offer their clients all of the advantages of digital printing, including variable data and graphics, on longer label runs.

Labelservice is a full-service label manufacturing company that provides clients with expert advice and insight into the tools and techniques of professional labelling.