Help: Get Your Product Noticed On Store Shelves

Have you recently introduced a product into grocery or department stores and are wondering what it’s going to take to ensure that your product stands out? If you’re reading this article, the chances are good that you’ve realised that it takes more than a quality product to generate sales revenue!

Whether you like it or not, marketing is an absolutely essential element of an effective sales campaign for almost any category or type of product. No matter if your selling digital cameras or dog food, you simply must develop a branding strategy that compels would-be customers to purchase your product instead of someone else’s. That being said, actually making this happen may be more difficult than it seems. Fortunately, shelf-based products have a powerful tool at their disposal with a world of potential: labelling.

Take a look at the products you buy on a daily basis. It’s obvious that you know these products are high quality, but the question remains, how do you know. What is it, exactly, that compelled you to choose this product for the very first time? Studies have shown that the text, colours and graphics on product containers significantly influence buyers across the board. Whether it’s luxury goods or household cleaning supplies, effective labelling is absolutely essential!

When developing a label for your product, spend a great deal of time analysing the demographics of your desired client base. The more you know about your customers, the more adept you will be at crafting compelling label add-ons that catch the hearts and minds of these individuals.

Additionally, it’s absolutely essential to develop labels that appear unified in design. Too many fonts, colours or graphics will quickly lead to a cluttered and confusing environment that may causes customers to hesitate before picking up your product and placing it in their shopping carts. Always ask yourself, “is this element of my label essential?” If it’s not, just take it off! Make sure that your customers are directed towards the important information on the package that distinguishes your product from your competitors’.

Whatever happens, always ensure that you’ve found a place on your label for your website URL. Customers who have questions or are simply curious to learn more will sincerely appreciate this!