Growing Support the North East for Alcohol Label

An increased number of individuals are declaring their support for new labelling regulations that would lead to the redesign of alcoholic beverage labels to include more warnings.

Berkshire, UK – 25th January 2015

According to new research undertaken by Alcohol Health Alliance UK, more individuals than ever before are now backing a reformation of labelling policies with regards to alcoholic beverages in the UK. The details of the survey were as follows: individuals were asked whether or not they would support new labelling policies which would include compulsory health warnings as well as an increased amount of nutritional information. The labels would also make it very clear that pregnant women should avoid these beverages entirely.

When asked to provide a statement on the issue, Colin Shevills, the director of the North East Alco-hol Office, stated, “People deserve to be provided with all the relevant health and nutritional information before they consume a product.” Shovels continued his discussion further, citing a variety of medical evidence which proves that alcohol consumption has been linked to more than 60 unique medical conditions, some of which include a variety of cancers.

The AHA is hoping that this labelling reformation will lead to a more disease-free and healthy socie-ty. Ideally, the AHA believes that one-third of the content found on drinks labels should be devoted to drink’s nutritional, alcoholic and caloric content, in addition to the aforementioned printed health warnings.

The AHA claims that their motivations to undertake this labelling reform are fully supported by the public at large. According to the surveys they have undertaken, nearly 86% of the local population has expressed their desire for changes to be made in this particular area. 69% of those surveyed responded that they would fully support labelling changes which allowed for the inclusion of nutritional content and caloric values. Finally, 84% of respondents agreed that labelling should be used which warns women of the dangers that alcohol poses during pregnancy.

When asked to respond to this study, a representative from Labelservice, a UK based labelling company, stated, “It is our sincere belief that labelling companies should always stay current on the most relevant news in this particular arena. We support any changes made by the UK government on this specific issue of drinks labels, and will ensure that our clients have the support they need to quickly make any and all necessary changes.”

Labelservice has already made a name for themselves through their cost-effective and expedient labelling solutions. It is likely that, if the aforementioned changes were to be put in place, La-belservice would be perfectly poised to distinguish themselves further within their industry.

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