Food Labels from Labelservice

Food Labels from Labelservice

One of the most essential features included on food packaging is food labels. Required by law, this label lets consumers know certain aspects of the food in question such as:

·          Name of the food

·          List of ingredients (including allergens)

·          Quantitative amount of ingredients

·          Date marking (‘use by’ and ‘best before’ date)

·          Special storage conditions or instructions of use

·          Name and address of manufacturer, packer or retailer

·          Place of origin

There are many other food labeling related guidelines and regulations that must be adhered to. However, after all the necessary information is printed, some food manufacturers like to include additional information or images to help differentiate their product from the competition. Other features such as barcodes are also included on food labels to help retailers and distributors.

Custom Printed Labels of a High Standard

Labelservice are a digital labels designer and supplier that aim to provide great service to all their customers. Customers can come to Labelservice with a specific request and the company will work with you to produce custom printed labels. All of the labels produced by Labelservice are digitally printed, come in a range of shapes and sizes and once produced are of an exceptional quality, with sharp vibrant colours and images.

Having the labels tailor made ensures that you receive top quality designs which best reflects your food product, just the way you want it. Most customers choose to have the self-adhesive label type but there are countless other styles to choose from. They include double sided or peel and reveal. These innovative labels give you more space to print extra information without changing the label size; so you can add your favourite recipes to the label if you choose.

To receive great services and top quality labels at market leading prices, contact Labelservice today.

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