Choosing Your Labelling Needs

Labels are the voice of your product on the shelf. It relates directly to advertisement and brand recognition for the consumer searching the shelves for a product to buy. But that’s not all a label does. Your label needs to stay on your product, firmly and for a long time, even if it gets wet, is heated up, or absorbs some of the actual product it is labelled on. Why is this important? Having your product in the hands of consumers, in their home, is like a commercial every time they use it. Family, and even friends, might see your product and ask questions about it and, hopefully, want to go out and buy it for their house.

If your product spends time in direct sunlight, extreme temperatures or is stored for a long period of time, your label has to stand up to all of this and more. You definitely do not want your label to fade and/or peel due to harsh conditions. LabelService has labels to help maintain your product in such situations.

High temperature that can withstand up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit are available. These label applications would include under the bonnet labelling, electronics and circuit boards, baking trays, and ceramics, for example. Our labels will remain in place and be legible. For products needing to be deep frozen, there is a label for that. In rolls, sheets or fan folded, these labels can withstand being in a deep freeze while maintaining a very good adhesive level.

Chemical labels can be tricky, due to the nature of the products inside the container. The label must be of a material that can withstand exposure to extreme environmental conditions and corrosive substances. LabelService supplies just that type of label for products such as adhesives and sealants, aerosols, agrochemicals, cleaners and degreasers, lubricants and many more.

Security labels that destruct if any attempt is made to remove then, robust labels for industrial applications, adhesive labels that will last the lifetime of the product, and many more types of labels that can withstand the test of time and environment, can all be found at LabelService. So next time you need labels, think beyond the appearance and give some thought to how you want your labels to last as long as your product and still look good. It’s just good business.