Changes Coming To Food Allergen Labeling Laws

As the struggle continues in many countries to reform, refine and redevelop food labelling laws that appease both industry experts, social advocates and consumers, new laws recently passed in the UK are ensuring that food product labels properly account for common food allergens which many consumers suffer from on a daily basis.

Allergens have been known to affect individuals in markedly different ways. Whereas some individuals may simply experience a scratchy throat or skin irritations, others may have near-death experiences, requiring immediate hospitalization and a variety of drastic measures to ensure that breathing and other essential functions continue normally.

It is precisely because of these markedly different responses to food allergens that advocates of label reform fight so vehemently for comprehensive changes to the industry at large. Although their efforts may have proven to be somewhat fruitless for many years, their voices have finally been heard. On December 13, 2014, the Food Information for Consumers Regulation will come into full effect. Stipulations of this new regulation include the listing of one of 14 popular allergens, single-location allergen labelling, and additional labelling on ‘loose foods, which are commonly defined as food products that can be purchased devoid of packaging in supermarkets and grocery stores.

Although many industry representatives claim that the implementation of these new policies will be both expensive and time-consuming, the life-saving potential of these policy adjustments seems  to be more than enough reason to ensure that they are manifested properly. If all goes well, consumers will soon be able to make informed food purchases which provide no risk of allergic reaction.

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