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Branding and Logo Design

Often, people refer to logo designing and branding as the same thing and often use these terms interchangeably. They are not the same. Logo designing and branding are entirely separate things, as the logo is a part of the branding process.

The brand includes everything of a company. These are the set of products, people, and tools that people associate with a specific company, such as company name, logo, tag line, visual identity, products, and services. When we talk about a brand, we look at how it appears and what it offers. For example, if your favourite brand is “xyz,” you can’t say it is your favourite because it has a colourful logo. You consider all the market offerings of that company to call it your number one go-to place.

A logo is a part of the branding process. It is a small label either in colours, graphics, or texts that represent a particular brand. It is a symbol that is easily recognizable, memorable, and attractive. Whenever people look at these labels, they automatically associate a specific brand to it. For instance, how do you know if a product is of Gucci? Isn’t it the famous double “G” recognized globally? Similarly, Adidas’s logo is “tick,” and that for the target is red and white loops. These symbolic representations help people identify a brand and make it easier for brands to advertise their products and services without writing their name everywhere.

Branding is the process of making your products and services go viral. It is the act of attracting maximum people towards you to earn profit and create maximum return on investment. However, it is not something you can do in a day or with no brainstorming. The branding process requires you to create a marketing and advertising strategy for your brand identification and separation from competitors.

In the branding process, you need to find your brand’s purpose, identify your values, and create a set of promises that you want to deliver to your customers. Moreover, you need pricing strategies, sponsors, partnerships, packing designs, and a lot more.

You also need a branding position, for which you need a brand logo. Hence, the logo is a part of branding, but not branding itself. It is a symbolic or typographical representation of your brand name. You can choose the size, font, theme, symbol, and graphic of your choice. However, your logo should always be an accurate representation of your brand and attractive enough to attract most people. Similarly, your brand logo should be easily identified and memorable, so whenever people see your logo, they think of you. Moreover, your logo should give an authentic look if you want it to be a marketing source.

Your brand logo also makes you unique. No two brands can have the same name or logo, as you can always claim copyrights. So, create a strong identity and let people know you by it. Stand out from your competitors by creating an appealing and aesthetic logo.

Consider your logo as part of the branding on your labels. If you require help with your branding and how to incorporate your branding into your label designs, we offer a personalised service to help you achieve the branding goals when we produce your labels. Contact us today for more information.