Are new printers going to improve home printing

 The latest information released by the prominent, bar coding and software specialist, is that the new printer (Epson C7500G) can change in-house label printing. This new printer has been designed to meet the demand from companies that want to print their own full colour labels. This printer produces different volumes of work as required, hence suitable for small to medium businesses that require durable, high quality colour labels and printed on demand volumes.


This printer’s resolution is 600 x 1200 dpi, and its droplet size produces labels to a very a relatively high standard. Its printing speed is 300 mm per second, which produces high quality level of print. Consequently, it is cost effective, minimises lead times, decreases the need of keeping large amount of pre-printed labels and eliminates the necessity to scrap unused labels.


The Epson C7500G stands out at the top of technology whereby it features a new print head technology like the revolutionary new Nozzle verification Technology. This revolutionary technology is said to have reinforced reliability and extended the print life head as well as the overall quality of the print labels. On the same line, Piezo crystals ejects the ink directly onto the labels, rather than using heating elements, which reduces significantly the risk of blocking the nozzles.


The printer’s software significantly detects a totally blocked as well as partially blocked nozzle, and initiates a cleaning process for that particular area of the print head. If the blockage occurs during production, the printer’s self-healing system initiates the alternate nozzles to compensate for any blockage. With all this in place, Epson Company is confident in releasing this new revolutionary printer and it comes with a three year guarantee under the maintenance contract.


The Epson C7500G utilizes pigment based ink, Epson Ultrachrome DL, that are specially developed. The  Epson Ultrachrome DL, is suited for producing very glossy, high quality, typical product labels that are highly durable and resistant to fading. AM Labels Company produces and supplies a wide variety of synthetic labels specifically for the printer using its in-house manufacturing facilities.


The insight given by the managing director at AM labels, stated that the new Epson C7500G was a great step forward in the color label printing in the printing technology. The printer has improved print head reliability and the ability to maintain superb print quality at the highest speed of print is high. It uses ink that is durable and resistant to fading. Additionally, it uses a wide range of printing labels that previously were not possible with this technology.