Add a Special Touch to Your Label

You work so hard on designing your label. Is the colour right? Is the shape of the label eye-catching? Does the design visually attract the consumer? If you’re successful enough to have a consumer pick up your product from the shelf, why not give them another sensation – a tactile sensation. Imagine seeing an embossed label on a product that you’re interested in. The urge to pick it up and feel the embossing can be overwhelming. A textured label can be the final draw for consumers to purchase your product.

Perhaps an under-utilized marketing tool, textured labels are becoming more and more common. They can bring sophistication to a product. When you think of a texture like embossing, it can bring to mind classic designs, like the ones you would find on an old book cover, as well as an eye for detail and skilled work. The UK has some of the best embossing manufacturers in the world, so take advantage of what’s out there and get creative. These manufacturers are becoming suppliers to the label industry and now might be the time to try out some of the fabulous designs for your labels. A bit of experimentation with the help of skilled designers will bring your product to life.

Contrasting varnishes is another great way to help your label to ‘pop’. Putting a matt varnish on top of a gloss material can create a textured experience that could help your product sell. Ensure the high build is between 300 and 500 microns to ensure a predominant design factor for consumers to engage with.

Once you’ve decided to include textures for your labels you’ll have to ensure that the paper is well-made and brand appropriate. Some of the best materials are often described as ‘wine grade’ but it’s not just for the drink industry. Other industries who have adopted this material, along with the texture have seen value added to their brand.

There may be a lot to learn about texturing your label but it is worth it. Imagine your product with its textured label, alongside similar products by other manufacturers. All of the standard labels won’t stand out beside your unique label. The craving to reach out and touch the embossing or varying varnishes on your label will be hard to resist. When purchased, the consumer will not doubt experiencing the same feeling every time they use your product. This can lead to a brand loyalty, and there’s nothing better than that in any industry.