A great selection of food labels

Labelservice offer dairy, bakery, confectionary and chilled food labels.  We are happy to provide labels for all types of food.  We print the labels bespoke to your requirements.  We find out exactly what you need and produce beautifully designed labels to match your brand identity and spec.  Our labels are full colour and very high quality.  Have a look at our website to see the many different looks and effects that can be achieved with our labels.

Food label sets

We also offer food labels in sets.  For example, if you need to label bottles or jars of food, we can provide you with the labels to go on both the side of the bottles and on the lid.  This means that your food products are presented in containers with high quality, coordinated and matching labels. Our high quality label sets match each other in a way which suggests that the contents of the jar or bottle are of matching high quality. 

Well-designed labels on shop packaging do serve to reassure the consumer of the quality of the contents. Customers might hesitate to buy poorly labelled food for their family, even questioning the safety of the food. On the other hand, food that is professionally labelled and packaged will fly off the shelf.

Food labels that change with the times

One of the main issues with selling food is that it can go off.  Our food labels can really help you.  We can print dates on to the labels for shorter runs.  Digital printing technology means that it is very easy to change the dates for smaller runs of labels. This can certainly help when you are selling food and need to update the ‘use by’ dates regularly.  Overall, if you are looking for high quality and flexible solutions for your food labels then speak to Labelservice to see how we can help.