A full overview of embossed labels

 Selling a product is all about getting noticed. It is often the label that attracts a consumer, so your label will play an important role. Making an impact in the market requires that something extra special, and with an embossed label your product is sure to stand out. 

With an embossed label you’re not limited to specific art designs, you can design your very own pattern to be produced on your label. Embossed labels can be very cost-effective for your business  with either short or long label runs, the custom embossed labels can be produced either conventionally flat, sculpted or with a semi or full rotary technique  

The labels can have variable image printing spot embossing incorporated onto them. The labels can be ideal for a range of different products from wine labels, vitamin and supplement labels through to being produced for four colour process labels.

There are very few companies that are advanced in the industry of embossed labelling. Digitally embossed labels can be done through a variety of different methods including the use of foil stamping and sculpted embossing. The labels produced are guaranteed to enhance your brand through the creative and artistic methods used which incorporate high quality graphics with the use of unique label treatment combinations.

The labels can also benefit from textured embossing patterns that can be produced using specially made paper and foil materials. So if you want your brand and logo to stand out amongst the crowd then the use of an embossed label to ensure your product looks appealing and professional.

With most companies having their very own design teams, they will be sure to help you find the right look for your product that will give you the edge over your competitors. So whether you need to update, refresh or create your brand-new custom made digitally embossed label, designers can help you with your artwork, typeset, TTB approval, FDA and nutritional facts. Digitally embossed labels can create the right look for your product which is almost as important, if not more so sometimes than the product itself.