10% Annual Growth in Bottled Water

 The idea of bottled water labels is a fascinating one. After all, the very term can lead to a variety of confusion and anger, particularly amongst consumers who are passionate about drinking “pure” water devoid of the dangerous chemicals and other toxins found in the tap water that they have been warned so strongly about. Whether or not a bottled water fan is actually drinking “clean” water may be a bit more difficult to ascertain. For example, if a bottled water label simply states “bottled water”, this means that the product inside the bottle could originate directly from the local tap. However, if the label states that the water inside the bottle is “natural mineral water”, then this particular source must be recognised as an officially spring which has not been found to contain harmful materials unsuitable for human consumption.

Regardless of these developments, sales of bottled water have continued to skyrocket around the globe. The bulk of the growth in sales is occurring in nations such as China, where a recent influx of wealth has led a burgeoning middle class to think twice before swallowing the local water supply when pure bottled water can be purchased at an affordable price. The newly-made rich in emerging economies around the world are helping bottled water remain a ubiquitous element of the marketplace, even though countries such as the United States remain adamant in their desire to promote filtered water usage and more efficient plastic consumption.

When choosing a bottled water product for yourself, the best possible strategy is first to determine what you are actually looking for. If water source from a certified spring is a high priority, than it is essential that you choose a bottled water product which features the “natural mineral water” label. That being said, if you’re simply in the market for a portable source of water that may or may not feature a pure beverage, the “bottled water” label is entirely acceptable.

Given the fact that labelling conventions around the world continue to evolve at a rapid pace, those who are passionate about the specific ingredients of the products they are consuming should continue to follow any news related to the labelling standards in their home country, as any policy changes made here will significantly affect the quality of the beverages they are purchasing on a daily basis.